First Time on OOBD

Overberg Online Business Directory (OOBD for short) is an online site that allows businesses in this local community to access the power of the Internet by listing their business and being found by potential customers looking for such products and services. 

You can use OOBD to search for, or place your business in any of these categories with their corresponding sub-categories:

  • Accommodation
  • Activities & Tours
  • Businesses
  • Community
  • Places to Eat & Drink
  • Public Services
  • Shopping

Using OOBD to find a business or service

It’s easy!  Let’s say you are interested in buying a car and want to find an Auto Dealer.  There are numerous ways you can do that:

On the top Menu you can click on LISTING CATEGORIES – This will take you to a page with a list of all the Categories and their Sub-Categories.  In searching for that Car, you will look under Businesses and click on the Automotive link.

If you don’t want to browse through all the categories, you can narrow your search by using the Search Menu in the right hand side of the page.  You can either type in what you are looking for (i.e Toyota), search by Location or use the Category drop-down.

Using OOBD to List your Business

On the top Menu, click on LIST MY BUSINESS – This will take you to a form to complete.


You will select the category and sub-category where you want your Business to appear.  Based on what category you select, other pertinent questions relating to that specific category will be asked to make the finding of your business easier.

Where it says Title, this is where you put the name of your business.  Business Description will be in the body of the Listing, so avoid trying to describe your business in the Title.   When writing a description, tell the user as much as possible about your business. You will then select the Location where your business is based.  You will then complete all your contact details, and they will be able to contact you directly via our Contact Form.  You can upload up to 6 photos and/or a video.

Once you have filled in the form, read through and check the “I agree to the Terms of Use” link and then click on the PLACE LISTING button to complete.

You will have the option to Upgrade your listing, at a fee, to Featured status. Featured listings will always appear on top of regular listings and be marked FEATURED.